December 15, 2016

Content On Demand

Sat around waiting and hoping for the phone to ring ?

Checking Facebook just one more time to see if you have someone who wants to work with you ?

We’ve all been there in the past haven’t we? Come on be honest.

It’s only when you decide to get your butt off the floor and get moving does anything worthwhile actually happen. But sometimes it can feel so difficult to keep pumping out content all the time.

So what happens is that the stuff that used to work no longer works. So you go back to placing adverts in random magazines, or heck, you’ll even try Facebook Ads only to discover yet again a large hole where some money used to live and nothing for your efforts.

Empty ‘Facebook Adverts’ promises. And an even emptier wallet.

Look. What works today IS different than what worked just a few years ago. Back then anyone could run a Facebook Advert and get results.

Not these days. These days you need to craft the advert, craft the offer, make it so unbelievably irresistible that people will actually sign up for it. The trouble is that people are just so wary of giving their details on squeeze pages, and even if they do, you only have perhaps a 20% open rate on your Email Subscribers.

The actual answer is that you need to be … EVERYWHERE.

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Podcasts / iTunes
  • Email
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat

It’s tiring isn’t it. How the heck are you supposed to do all of that AND run your business too?

You’re not. That’s the answer. If you’re a small business owner, you have no chance. It takes time to implement, and not only that, it takes time to get results.

Your NOISE has to be louder than everyone elses NOISE.

Not only that, but your NOISE needs to be BETTER QUALITY NOISE!

We actually call that ‘Building Authority’ and most people either know how to do it but don’t have the time, or they simply don’t know what they should be doing.

There is literally so MUCH noise these days that you’re not even competing against your competitors. You’re competing against that funny cat video, or the news, or any one of a thousand different messages you’re exposed to everyday.

So not only does your ‘NOISE’ need to be better quality, it needs to be consistent.

And that’s where we come in.

We’ve designed a package designed at businesses to help them create more NOISE, build Authority and do it consistently month in / month out.

It’s low cost (Less than £200 a month)

It will open your business up to greater channels so that more people get to see what it is you actually do and allows you to step out above the noise.

You can see what you get below.  There’s no minimum contract length, so give it a try.

Managing Your Social Media

Option #1 – Authority On Demand Starter Package

Generate ‘NOISE’

  • We’ll give you the 30 images (Motivational, lifestyle, etc) per month you can use in your Social Media

PLUS Build Authority

  • Each month, we’ll have a 30 minute Skype Session with you to see what’s going on with you and your industry
  • From that we create 4 blog posts for you (one each week) – 500 words or so along with 3 images for each post uploaded and posted online for you
  • We then uploaded all of this via your Social Media Channels

The price is just £180 a month.




Option #2 Authority On Demand Professional Package

  • You will receive everything from the Starter Package
  • PLUS We’ll help you record a podcast every month, we’ll edit it, create artwork and then upload it to iTunes and Stitcher for you.
  • Imagine the authority created in your customers mind when you announce your live podcast on iTunes.
  • Plus you’ll reach a whole new audience that never knew you existed until now.

This option is available to you for £280 per month.

The Process

Step 1 : As soon as you subscribe for Monthly Content Updates, we’ll contact you to book in our first session.  You’ll need approximately 45 minutes for your first phone call where we can find out more about your company, the content you want to put out, and your 4 topics you’ll need an article about.

Step 2 : We’ll then create 4 articles and associated images, and will schedule those to go out via social media once per week.

Step 3 : We’ll also schedule the images for you to go out every day

That’s it!

We will do this for you each and every month so that you are releasing content on a daily basis.  You need to be getting content out there every single day to be making an impact.  Any less than that and you are going to find that your content isn’t being shown on people’s daily news feed.

We will also add an identifier to your images so that when they are shared, your branding will go with that image.

All content will be released for you using your own Hootsuite account.  If you don’t have one yet, we will show you how to set it up.

So book now !